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Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Jul 1 19:50:12 CEST 2005

Harry George < at> writes:
>> > - more available libraries and more advanced developement tools.
> If the library is in C, C++, or FORTRAN, Python can use it.  Worst
> case you have to write your own bindings.

Are there really that many more libraries for C++? I'm not talking
about data structures that you'd replace with builtins, I'm talking
about high level libraries that deal with real world things.

As a couple of examples, I went looking for something like
smtplib. The only thing I turned up was a windows-only smtp/pop
library. I also tried finding a C++ version of mailbox, and the best I
could do was the GNU mailutils library. And that's in C, not C++.

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