Native ODBC access for python on linux?

Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Jul 15 03:55:54 CEST 2005

"Thomas Bartkus" <thomasbartkus at> writes:
> Although I hear rumors about ODBC drivers on Linux, I confess I don't
> understand the need. Certainly you can use Python with the MySQLdb module
> from any Linux machine and query away at the server.  As long as the MySQL
> server accepts your IP/usr/pwd, it will respond to the SQL you pass it from
> Python.
> IOW - who/what needs an ODBC driver here?

ODBC provides one thing that db native api's don't - binary
interoperability. If you have a binary application that talks odbc,
you can talk to pretty much any db that someone has writte an odbc
driver for. To talk to the db native api, the application has to be
built against that api.

For instance, I use the unixODBC driver to connect applix office's
spreadsheet tool to my postgresql databases.

If everything you run is open source - especially if it's written in
Python - this is pretty much irrelevant.

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