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    Post by non-member to a members-only list

The mailing lists at Kitware all require membership on the list to
post.  This is to avoid SPAM.  If you are not a member on the list,
and you post to the list, your message will be discarded.  Do not take
it personally, we just do not have enough time to approve every email
posted to the list.  If you have more than one email account, you can
subscribe them all to the list, then set all but one of them to nomail
from the mailman web GUI.  Also, some mailers tend to add a few extra
characters to your return address, if you think you have subscribed,
but it is still not accepting your email, try sending yourself an
email, and then reply to it.  Look at the address that you are
replying to, and make sure that is the EXACT same address that you
subscribed to on the list.

You can join the list here:

If the message is too large, it will also be discarded, try putting
the large file on a web server and using a link in your message.

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