Time formatting and date suffixes

Jeffrey E. Forcier jforcier at strozllc.com
Tue Jul 26 00:47:05 CEST 2005

This seems like a dead simple question, as it's so rudimentary I  
can't believe it hasn't been addressed before. I'm using the  
time.strftime() function (actually the mxDateTime implementation, but  
they're compatible so it shouldn't matter) to spit out fairly basic  
date formats, to wit:

January 25th, 2005

The various and sundry date objects in both mxDateTime and Python  
proper's time/datetime don't seem to have anything anywhere dealing  
with the 'th' suffix on the date. So in other words, I can use  
strftime() to get 'January 25, 2005' but don't see anything dealing  
with outputting the suffixes like 'th', 'nd' and the like. Googling  
around and searching this list's archives aren't turning anything up,  

Am I missing something obvious, or is it just really, really frowned  
upon to use such a locale-specific function as English date suffixes?


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