PyGTK or wxPython (not a flame war) on Windows

Marek Kubica pythonmailing at
Sun Jul 24 01:48:20 CEST 2005


> How well does PyGTK run on Windows (98, 2K, XP)? How stable is it? Will
> I be able to make an executable (using Py2Exe) of an application that
> uses PyGTK?

I _do_ like PyGTK on Windows. It works without problems.
You can find a ready to use py2exe script on You could also bundle the runtime DLLs with
your py2exe'd application, but I have never done this. You could try doing
this like described here: (use the script from the wiki and start at (2) in the mail).



PS: Yes, I admit it is harder than py2exe + wxPython but I still like

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