How do you program in Python?

Harald Armin Massa haraldarminmassa at
Tue Jul 5 13:54:21 CEST 2005


> I do all my work using Scite
Me too!

> So, any time I need to test the changes, I hit four keys (which at this
> point is understandably more like a "chord" that I hit without direct
> awareness of it) and I'm done.  Sounds pretty close to old-style BASIC
> and since I've come that route too (in the distant past), this may not
> be a coincidence.

in addition I have set up scite and paths so that "F5", the scite run
command, invokes python <>, with output given in the scite
output area (and saving before)
in addition, ctrl+1 does a compile (checking for syntax errors)

and exceptions are printed out in the scite output, colourcoded and
with double-click on them scite opens the appropriate script at the
offending position.

VERY quick.


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