PostgreSQL & Python vs PHP

Luis P. Mendes luis_XX at
Sat Jul 23 21:06:29 CEST 2005

gene tani wrote:

> To be honest, this is a pretty open-ended question.  Are there specific
> issues (SQL injection/security, minimizing db connections, simplest
> code, etc, your'e concerned with?)
Simplest code with be an important factor, since the db will be used far
from max capabilities.  Ease of use of the web page by clients is also a
main factor.

I need to build it from the server and also client side.

For the client side I'll be using Python.

But for the server side, I would like to hear some opinions.  Is it worth
learning Php? 

> To be more honest, googline "Python vs. PHP" raises lots of hits
nice link :-)

Thank you,


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