J-Integra for COM (Java COM interoperability)

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Mon Jul 18 22:39:41 CEST 2005

Looking for Java/COM interoperability tools? Thousands of companies
world-wide are using J-Integra for COM for interoperability between
Java and Microsoft COM applications. J-Integra for COM is a pure Java
implementation of the DCOM protocol, making it several times faster
than Web Services.

J-Integra for COM Features:
* Access J2EE components from VB, C++, ASPs, etc...
* Access COM components from EJBs, Servlets, JSPs, Applets, etc...
* Pure Java implementation, 100% managed code (no native code required)
* Bi-directional: "Java to COM" and "COM to Java"
* One-sided deployment (no touch on Microsoft client/server side)
* Supports any JVM running on any platform (Windows, Unix, Linux,
* Optional high-speed native mode for Windows platforms
* Allows Java clients to subscribe to COM events using standard Java
semantics, and COM clients to subscribe to Java events using standard
COM semantics
* Supports both early binding and late binding access to Java/COM
* Supports the full range of COM Oleautomation types

For a free evaluation, visit our website at


Shane Sauer
Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.
J-Integra Interoperability Solutions
When Web Services are not enough

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