Good starterbook for learning Python?

Lennart go2len at
Tue Jul 5 17:32:55 CEST 2005

Hi everybody,

Can someone advice me with the following issue: i want to learn python in
my summer vacation (i try to ...:-) So, a good start is buying a good book.
But wich? There are many ...

I'm living in the Netherlands and I prefer a book from (see link)
because i've to order more books by them. I'm familiar with html & php and
basic (in the good old days). It has to be a newbie book, but not a book
what i don't need anymore when i've got some skills. I.e. the learning
curve of the book should be linear. A kind of book wich i could use as a

Search here for python (sorry, there's no short link);sid=nyuhO3sz8k2hODn5OfqfDJvrcywRiGQwhPU=?Section=BOOK_EN&CategoryContent=NJqR5Kpb0soAAADqmW%2eZypJb&OpenCategory=HwqR5Kpb8AUAAADqVW6ZypJb&CategoryLeftpanel=BOOK_EN%2eCATEGORY00000000&Secondary=YES&Template=BOL_subcat_BOOK_EN_1476

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