Using SHFileOperation

Roger Upole rupole at
Wed Jul 20 13:49:43 EDT 2005

SHFILEOPSTRUCT is just a tuple, with the elements
listed in docs.

from import shell, shellcon
shell.SHFileOperation((0, shellcon.FO_DELETE, 'somefilename', None, shellcon.FOF_ALLOWUNDO|shellcon.FOF_NOCONFIRMATION))


"avishay" <avishorp at> wrote in message news:1121843013.558480.43380 at
> Hi All,
> I want to use SHFileOperation using Python and Win32 extentions, in
> order to move a file to the trash can. The function itself can be
> accessed by importing However, I cannot find
> anywhere the SHFILEOPSTRUCT. This structure is mentioned in the
> documentation of the Win32 extentions, but I can't find a way to access
> it.
> I would appreciate your help. If there's an alternative way to send a
> file to the trash can, that can also help.
> Best Regards
> Avishay

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