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François Pinard pinard at
Sun Jul 10 19:12:21 CEST 2005

[Florian Diesch]

> Probably this is usable for you (I never used any of them):

>  This system MAXIMA is [...] based on the original implementation of
>  Macsyma at MIT [...]

Wow!  A derivative of Joel Moses' integrator!!  I was not aware this
existed, so thanks for the pointer.  It worked out of the box for me!

> Description: A user-friendly frontend for MAXIMA
>  Mascyma is (trying to be) a user-friendly graphical frontend for the Computer
>  Algebra System GNU MAXIMA.  It is written in Python and provides two GUIs,
>  one of which based on PyGTK, the other based on wxPython.

I was not successful googling for this one.  Would you have an URL handy?

François Pinard

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