a new Python Podcast series (and the use of Python in creating podcasting tools)

Lucas Raab dotpyFE at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 06:06:22 CEST 2005

rdsteph at mac.com wrote:
> Python411 is a series of podcasts about Python, aimed at hobbyists and
> others who are learning Python. Each episode focuses on one aspect of
> learning Python, or one kind of Python programming, and points to
> online tools and tutorials. Python related news and events will also be
> reported upon.
> This podcast series will probably not be of much interest to expert or
> professional programmers. I am a hobbyist and am not qualified nor
> capable of creating a podcast series for accomplished programmers.
> Maybe someone else will do that.
> The four podcasts so far are titled as such:
> Introduction to Python
> Computer Programming for Everybody
> GUI toolkits for Python
> Python for Mobile Devices
> New podcasts will appear from time to time.
> Interestingly, while on the subject of podcasts, I would like to point
> out that Python is emerging as the programming language of choice for
> creating tools for creating podcasts and using podcasts. For instance,
> iPodder is the leading podcast aggregator, or podcatcher, and is
> written in Python. Also, a new program called Podcatcher on a Stick is
> an open source Python project that is creating a podcatcher that runs
> on a  mobile mp3 player itself, rather than on a PC. Links to these
> programs can be found on my web site.
> The home page for Python411 is
> http://www.awaretek.com/python/index.html and one can click on the
> podcasts there to play them, or better you can subscribe to an rss feed
> at http://www.awaretek.com/python/index.xml

Nice idea!! It would be great to get some of the advanced Python guys in 
on this from time to time.

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