file handling in a server (.py) file using xmlrpc

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at
Fri Jul 8 18:51:22 CEST 2005

uwb wrote:

>I've got a call to glob in a .py file sitting in an apache cgi-bin directory
>which refuses to work while the exact same code works from a python console
>I'm guessing that in order to read or write files from any sort of a script
>file sitting in the cgi-bin directory on a server, something has to be set
>to allow such activity.  I'd appreciate it if anybody with as clue as to
>what that was could tell me about it.  
So, what do you mean "refuses to work"?  Is the cgi script not executing 
at all?  Spitting out an error?  If so, what error?  (And is it an error 
to the browser calling the cgi script, or in your apache logs?)

Jeremy Jones

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