Lisp development with macros faster than Python development?..

Kirk Job Sluder kirk at
Fri Jul 8 20:02:33 CEST 2005

"Kay Schluehr" <kay.schluehr at> writes:

> This might be a great self experience for some "great hackers" but just
> annoying for others who used to work with modular standard librarys and
> think that the border of the language and an application should be
> somehow fixed to enable those. 

In what way do lisp macros prevent the creation of modular libraries?
Common Lisp does does have mechanisms for library namespaces, and in
practice a macro contained within a library is not that much different
from a function contained in a library or a class contained in a

Macros just provide another mechanism for creating useful
domain-specific abstractions.  The primary advantage to macros is that
you can create abstractions with functionality that is not easily
described as either a function or a class definition.

> Kay 

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