PyGTK or wxPython (not a flame war) on Windows

TPJ tprimke at
Sun Jul 24 14:57:30 CEST 2005

> I've used pygtk with success on windows. (...)
> > [will] I be able to make an executable (using Py2Exe) of an application
> > that uses PyGTK?
> Yes.

So PyGTK is now my favourite. Better documentation, runs on Linux and
Windows, the possibility to make an executable program with Py2Exe.
It's enough for me.

> One point against: requires X11 on a Mac; definitely not native there,
> though that's where I do a lot of my pygtk development.

I suppose that 95% of my application's users will work on Win. The rest
will work on *nix. So my primary concern is PC world.

AFAIK PyGTK doesn't look native on Win as well, but I don't care.

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