can list comprehensions replace map?

Michael Hoffman at mh391.invalid
Wed Jul 27 20:40:42 CEST 2005

Michael Hoffman wrote:
> David Isaac wrote:
>> Newbie question:
>> I have been generally open to the proposal that list comprehensions
>> should replace 'map', but I ran into a need for something like
>> map(None,x,y)
>> when len(x)>len(y).  I cannot it seems use 'zip' because I'll lose
>> info from x.  How do I do this as a list comprehension? (Or,
>> more generally, what is the best way to do this without 'map'?)
> It ain't broke so I'd stick with what you're doing. Even if map() is 
> removed as a builtin, it will surely stick around in a module.

Addendum: I know this doesn't answer your question, so if you were 
asking out of purely academic interest, then someone else will probably 
post another answer.
Michael Hoffman

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