Python concurrent tasking frameworks?

George Sakkis gsakkis at
Sun Jul 3 22:09:50 CEST 2005

"Chris Stiles" <b9a9-3arx at> wrote:

> Hi --
> I was wondering if anyone had a list of the various (presuming more than one)
> Python tasking frameworks?  I know of Twisted already, but I'm really looking
> for something along the lines of a task/thread pool type of arrangement.  I
> see that there was some discussion on this topic a while ago referencing a
> Matt Welsh paper, but afaict no implementations were discussed.

Hi Chris,

I don't know if it's close to what you're looking for but I have a
(stripped-down, incomplete and undocumented) python version of Doug
Lea's PooledExecutor class
which is now part of JDK1.5 in the java.util.concurrent package. It's
by no means ready for prime time as I didn't really use it in the end,
but it's better than starting from scratch. Let me know if you're
interested and I'll send it over.


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