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Florian Diesch diesch at
Wed Jul 20 18:03:46 CEST 2005

linuxfreak <samgurung at> wrote:
>    Got going with python...and i must say its a pretty cool language.
> Been using Xemacs to write me programs. But I want an IDE that would

I'm using GNU emacs

> give me auto-completion, 

Read the manual about tags and abbrevs
Emacs Language Sensitive Editor (ELSE) <>
looks interesting too.

> online help 

python-mode has C-c C-h for py-help-at-point

> and the like... Tried SPE and
> Dr.Pyhton but the former crashes regulary and the latter is quite
> unweildy and does not have a great many features. I quite like the UML
> feature found in SPE but the damn thing crashes way too often. What are
> you guys using and what do you think is the best IDE...or should i
> stick with Xemacs/emacs???

I don't like specialized IDE's as I'm using different languages and
don't want to switch my editor for them.

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