Xah's edu corner: on Microsoft hatred

Default User defaultuserbr at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 18:22:52 CEST 2005

J|rgen Exner wrote:

> Just for the records at Google et.al. in case someone stumbles across
> Xah's masterpieces in the future:
> Xah is very well known as the resident troll in many NGs and his
> 'contributions' are less then useless.
> Best is to just ignore him.

I already had him killfiled. I'm going to add a few of these
non-comp.lang.c newsgroups as well, not due to any animosity towards
them but because I don't read them and don't plan to, so any message
crossed to them is likely a troll.

A good newsreader and aggressive use of filtering is the best way to
handle such people.


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