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>> I have installed a TWAIN module(from
>> today and figured out how to
>> acquire an image.  The only problem is that the image is way too
>> large in terms of filesize.  It is over 1MB.
>> I can do either one of two things.  Try to figure out how to
>> manupilate the image with this module(which I am been doing all
>> day) or just use a module that can compress jpegs.  Can anybody
>> help?
> Check out PIL:
> but also be sure to read the "Setting Capababilities" section of this
> document:
> max


I have read the document about setting the capabilities.  I have also tried 
the twexplore.exe to see the capabilities of my scanner.  The twexplore.exe 
will give you the option to save the file or "retrieve it natively."  On the 
window where it gives you this option, it also allows you to set attributes 
like bit size, or compression.  No matter how many times I change these 
options, it still gives an image with the same filesize.  The reason, I 
mentioned that was because those attributes that you can change correlate to 
the ICAP values.  If changing those attributes in twexplore.exe does not do 
anything, then I am thinking that it probably won't do anything when I write 
a script either. 

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