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James Stroud jstroud at
Thu Jul 28 04:44:02 CEST 2005

The world needs an open source tool for working with DNA sequences 
graphically. I know what needs to be done, but I am not finding much time to 
do it. I have already coded a graphical sequence editor and some cool tools 
for sequence analysis. For this project I am using Tkinter as the gui and 
biopython as the main code-base. Right now, a critical thing to do would be 
to use the Tkinter Canvas to draw plasmid maps. Don't worry if you don't know 
what a plasmid is. It is a simple concept. If you want to become a hero to 
thousands in a field with 0 competition, this is the place. If you are 
interested, let me know. Maybe we can find a way to harness your time and 
enthusiasm. If you are good at organization, maybe you could help to turn 
this into a true open source project that interfaces with biopython. (Does 
anybody recognize the plea-for-help aspect of my message?)


On Wednesday 27 July 2005 08:00 am, mustafa wrote:
> i hav just finished learning pythob from "A byte of python"(an online
> book) so i wanted to apply my new skills. to learn and to have some fun.
> is there any place which lists jobs to be know minor jobs and
> requests thats nobody has found time to do.
> i would point out that i am not looking for a JOB as job with payment.
> i am looking for a JOB that is to be done and nobody has done it yet.
> also aside from this is there any other way i could use python and
> improve. i figure this practice will make me a lot better. but if anybody
> else has any ideas than that would be good too .

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