map/filter/reduce/lambda opinions and background unscientific mini-survey

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Wed Jul 6 10:30:34 CEST 2005

Op 2005-07-01, Mike Meyer schreef <mwm at>:
> "iK" <Ik at> writes:
>> Seems like he wants python programmers to solve their problems all in the 
>> same way. While that is great for corporate slaves it is terrible for the 
>> creative programmer.
> No, he wants Python to be Pythonic. TMTOWTDI is not Pythonic.

If Guido should change his mind on this, then it will be pythonic.
I don't think a concept that has so little meaning has any real

>> Python is quickly becoming the visual basic of the 21 century. If you want 
>> to have fun while getting some work done you need to look elsewhere. It's a 
>> shame... 
> If you'd rather spend your time figuring out which of multiple ways to
> do things is the best for the job at hand than producing code, there's
> a language that makes TMTOWTDI a way of life.

There are always many ways to do things, and depending on circumstances
the best way to do something may differ every time.

So if python no longer allows multiple ways to do things, it won't help
the programmer. The programmer will now face the question if python
is still the right language to do the job.

Antoon Pardon

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