What is your favorite Python web framework?

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Mon Jul 18 00:03:42 CEST 2005

I am doing some research for a Python framework to build web applications.
I have discarted Zope because from what I've read, the learning curve is  
too steep, and it takes more time to build applications in general with  
I have kept the following:

  - PyWork - http://pywork.sourceforge.net (Not sure if it's mature)
  - Django - http://www.djangoproject.com (Looks interesting)
  - CherryPy - http://www.cherrypy.org (Unsure)

I have also found a more comprehensive list here:  
But I'd like to know your opinion on what you think is best. The Python  
framework I'll use will be to build an e-commerce application looking like  
I favor speed of development, intensive OO development, performance under  
heavy load, short learning curve, good documentation and community.


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