threads and sleep?

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Wed Jul 6 11:13:01 CEST 2005

Is SYS V shared memory a totalyl stupid way of doing distributed locks
between processes then?

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Peter Hansen wrote:
> Jeffrey Maitland wrote:
> > I was hoping that python would allow for the cpu threading such in
> > Java etc.. but I guess not. (from the answers,and other findings) I
> > guess I will have to write this part of the code in something such as
> > java or c or something that allows for it then I can either wrap it in
> > python or avoid python for this part of the app.
> Or investigate the use of Irmen's Pyro package and how it could let you
> almost transparently move your code to a *multi-process* architecture

Unless you're doing anything that would require distributed locking.
Many if not most such projects do, which is why almost everyone prefers
to use threads on an SMP machine instead of splitting it across
multiple smaller boxes.



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