Python scripts wont run - HELP

windozbloz nethawg1 at
Mon Jul 18 18:54:47 CEST 2005

Damjan wrote:

>> I'm a fairly literate windoz amateur programmer mostly in visual basic. I
>> have switched to SuSE 9.2 Pro and am trying to quickly come up to speed
>> with Python 2.3.4.  I can run three or four line scripts from the command
>> line but have not been able to execute a script from a file.
>> I have used EMACS and JEDIT to create small test routines.  I would right
>> click the file and set properties to executable.  I would then click the
>> icon, the bouncy ball would do its thing then a dialog box would flash on
>> the screen for a fraction of a second.  I could tell it had a progress
>> bar
>> on it but could not catch anything else on it.  Then nothing else would
>> happen.
>> If I could execute a script the world would once again be my
>> playground... PLEASE HELP.
> Open a terminal program like "konsole".
> change the directory to where your files are ("cd /path/to/files/").
> execute them ("python').
It now works from the command line like you said.  Shouldn't I also be able
to 'click' an icon that has been set to executable and launch the whole
process that way?

LINUX protects me from the GATES of hell !!!

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