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Dark Cowherd darkcowherd at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 11:06:41 EDT 2005

I am new to Python. I tried it out and think it is fantastic.

I really loved this from import this statements:

There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.

But this not true of Python. 
GUI, Web development, Application Framework - it is shambles. It is so
frustrating for a person who comes from a well designed environment /
framework like Delphi.

-Quote - Phillip J. Eby from dirtsimple.org
Python as a community is plagued by massive amounts of
wheel-reinvention. The infamous web framework proliferation problem is
just the most egregious example.

Why is Python "blessed" with so much reinvention? Because it's often
cheaper to rewrite than to reuse. Python code is easy to write, but
hard to depend on. You pretty much have to:

   1. limit yourself to platforms with a suitable packaging system,
   2. bundle all your dependencies into your distribution, or
   3. make your users do all the work themselves

Ouch. No wonder rewriting looks easier. The only way to stop this
trend is to make it easier to reuse than to rewrite, which has been my
mission with setuptools and EasyInstall

My organisation writes products for Small and Medium Enterprises. We
are using Delphi, we want to do more web based and Linux solutions, so
I was evaluating Python, but even though I love the language and will
probably do hobby programming using the language, I wouldnt really
recommend our organisation to plan and execute a tranisition.

We have been around a while and we have planned and done transitions
from Clipper to FoxproW to VB to Delphi.

>From what I understand Database access was in similar shambles in
Python but a SIG took up the task and made some decisions which has
now streamlined database access in Python.

I really would love to have a Python where TOOWTDI

Is there some place to discuss topics like this? Is this the right place?

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