How to disable rangeselect in wxGrid

fowlertrainer at fowlertrainer at
Wed Jul 6 11:19:24 CEST 2005

Hi !

I have a little problem with wxGrid.
In Delphi I can set in grids how I want to select cells.
I can select only individual cells, or ranges.

In my program I don't wanna use ranges. But I don't find any
methods or properties what can set this option.

The range selection mode is disturb the users.
Usually the ranges are used to select more cells, and do any operations 
with them.
But in my program the user can select only one(!) cell, and this cell 
set the
actual day, and actual person.
If many cells are selected, the user (and I too) cannot determine, which 
is the actual.

So if possible, I want to "protect users from this effect".

Is anyone can help me ?

Thanx for it: ft

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