threads and sleep?

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Wed Jul 13 09:36:19 CEST 2005

Am Montag, den 04.07.2005, 15:36 -0400 schrieb Jeffrey Maitland:
> Hello all,

Ok, first thing to consider is that time.sleep in Python does in reality
(on Debian Linux, Python2.3) a select syscall with 3 NULLs to wait the
time. (The "real" sleep POSIX call might have stupid interactions with
signals, to be specific SIGALRM) Don't have a Python source at the
moment (I'm offline at the moment) to check how it's done in Win32.

> I am in the process of writing a multithreading program and what I was
> wondering is a sleep command in an executing function will affect the
> threads below it? Here is a basic example of what I mean.
> def main():
>    temp_var = True
>    while temp_var == True:
>        if
>           t = threading.Thread( target = func1, args = "String") #note
> this is probably non functional (example purposes for the question
> only)
>           t.start()
>           temp_var  =  t.isAlive()
>        else: 
>            print "This line should display a lot"
>            sleep(2)
> def func1(s):
>   print s
> so the question I was wondering is if the sleep will pause the t
> thread as well as the main function or is the thread independat of the
> main function sleep?
Well, your program seems to be non-functional (missing if expression?),
but as I said above, the main thread waits via select, so the child
process should be able to run in this time (assuming time.sleep releases
the GIL, but I'd file it as a bug if it doesn't).

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