Documentation bug: Python console behaviour changed

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Wed Jul 20 12:13:46 CEST 2005

>> 'Ctrl-Z' does not shut down the console but 'Ctrl-D' etc.
>> Usually means you have a readline package installed.
Right. Readline uninstalled, Ctrl-Z works again.

By the way:
After trying to take over readline support from Gary Bishop,
I have inbetween given up trying to fix readline behaviour on
international keyboards in Windows (mainly because the
Python 2.4 IDLE works for me best, so I don't need IPython
I haven't digged very deep into it, but I mean, that the whole
code must be probably more or less entirely rewritten by
someone with experience in internationalization matters on
Windows (various keyboards and localized Windows
versions) and readline behaviour on *nix systems.
Up to now, there is noone known to me willing to support
the readline package - any volunteers?
Michele Simionato and me can then test the outcome on
German and Italian Windows systems and keyboards.


"Tim Golden" <tim.golden at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:mailman.1902.1121778341.10512.python-list at
[Lucas Raab]
| Peter Hansen wrote:
| > Kay Schluehr wrote:
| >
| >> The documentation of the Python console behaviour is not correct
| >> anymore for Python 2.4.1. At least for the Win2K system
| I'm working on
| >> 'Ctrl-Z' does not shut down the console but 'Ctrl-D' etc.
| >>
| >> The Python interpreter tells me instead:
| >>
| >>
| >>>>> quit
| >>
| >>
| >> 'Use Ctrl-Z plus Return to exit.'
| >>
| >> Nah, 'Ctrl-Z' is now undo :-)
| >
| >
| > Are you really using the console, started with the "Command
| Prompt" icon
| > from the Start Menu (or some equivalent)?  And are you sure
| you haven't
| > installed something else that magically changed the
| behaviour of Ctrl-Z?
| >
| > (I get the documented behaviour with Python 2.4.1, under Win XP.)
| >
| > -Peter
| I'm getting the same behavior as Kay.

Usually means you have a readline package installed:

I know that this one gives the effect described:

Don't know about this one:


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