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>> Is it right that two Wax proposals were accepted?
> Or that Wax is being promoted over Dabo, which wraps wxPython just as
> elegantly in its UI tier, and which is further along (more controls
> supported) than Wax, is more powerful (data binding is built in), and
> is still being actively developed? I looked at Wax, but it seems to be
> at best a side project to Hans, with no goal in sight. Dabo blew me
> away with just how easy it is to create UI apps without all that C++
> cruft that wxPython inherits from wxWidgets.

Proposals were made by applicants who sent them to Google who forwarded 
them as they deemed fit.  Of those received, PSF accepted at least in part 
based on mentor commitments.

Some of the Python proposals were based on projects listed on the PyWiki 
project proposal page and/or discussion on the special mailing list, both 
announced here.  I don't remember any Dabo projects listed, so I suspect 
PSF either received no Dabo proposals or had no Dabo mentors.

Terry J. Reedy

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