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John Hazen john at
Sun Jul 17 23:04:38 CEST 2005

* Brian Quinlan <brian at> [2005-07-15 02:08]:
> You can find the first problem here:

I have one question about the problem.  Is the cost we are to minimize
the cost of arriving in the target city at all, or the cost of arriving
at the target city at the end of the final day of the schedule?

(If you were traveling to a conference, for example, you'd have a
specific arrival time, and a cost to stay in the destination city until
that time.  But, if you were going to sight-see, then you could arrive
at any time, and begin your itinerary upon arrival.)

Say I can find a combination of flights that gets me to the target at
the end of day 3 for 390 units, and a combination that gets me there at
the end of day 4 for 400.  If you count the hostel cost from day 3 to
day 4, the first combination costs 410.  So, which is preferred?


P.S.  I just realized this may be answered be the test suite, but I'm
still at the thinking stage.

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