problems with python 2.4 help

Brian van den Broek bvande at
Fri Jul 15 22:23:32 CEST 2005

frozenee at said unto the world upon 15/07/2005 14:50:
> I've noticed that the listings in help don't take you to correct topic.
> anyone else have this problem?  Is there a fix?

I'm not sure from your question what exact problem you are 
experiencing. Do you mean:

IDLE 1.1.1
 >>> help()

Welcome to Python 2.4!  This is the online help utility.


help> topics

Here is a list of available topics.  Enter any topic name to get more 

ASSERTION           DELETION            LOOPING             SEQUENCES


Sorry, topic and keyword documentation is not available because the Python
HTML documentation files could not be found.  If you have installed them,
please set the environment variable PYTHONDOCS to indicate their location.


If so, I posted a similar question a year or so ago to the tutor list. 
I believe that when I resolved it I posted details about the resolution.

I've since got a new computer, and just redid it now to check. Just 
download the html version of the docs and then, as per the 
instructions above, set an environment variable to point to them. (On 
WinXP: Control Panel->System-Advanced->Env. Var. When I had WinME, a 
line in autoexec.bat)


Brian vdB

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