Earthquake Forecasting Program July 11, 2005

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<sigh> here we go again...

EDG is not a computer programmer, nor is he a geologist... 

The best guess seems to be that he is he is crackpot, often going from group
to group espousing some sort of knowledge and asking for people to forward
his articles to government, schools and other professional bodies with a
demand that public monies be giving to him to support his "research".

A few years ago he started  begging for programming help to process these
"signals" he has been looking for... (odd he has never explained what the
exactly these signals really are.

>Posted July 11, 2005
>My main earthquake forecasting Web page is:
>Newsgroup Readers:  If you circulate copies of this report to groups of
>computer programmers at different universities etc. around the world then
>they might find the subject matter to be interesting.

or that might classify you just as EDG is classified, KOOK or Crackpot

>The information in this report represents expressions of personal opinion.
>       This is part of an effort to get some idea regarding how many
>computer programmers and other researchers around the world might be
>interested in participating in a project aimed at developing life saving
>earthquake forecasting computer programs.
>       That effort is not presently underway.  And I don't know when or if
>it will get started.  I am simply attempting to determine if other people
>believe that large numbers of volunteers would be interested in working on
>such a project or if there would instead be little interest in it.  That
>information would be helpful for developing a plan for establishing a Web
>site where the project would be centered.  Personnel running the following
>Web site have volunteered to make their site available for such an effort.

Look at this for all his effort over the past few years...

>But nothing has gotten underway so far.


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