Yet Another Python Web Programming Question

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Sun Jul 10 15:38:06 CEST 2005

"Robert Brewer" <fumanchu at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1558.1120976144.10512.python-list at>...
> Daniel Bickett wrote:
> > I neglected to mention an important fact, and that is the fact that I
> > am limited to Apache, which elminates several suggestions (that are
> > appreciated none-the-less).
> Do you have access to mod_python, mod_rewrite, FastCGI, or SCGI? Then
> CherryPy 2.1 is still a great option for you with Apache:

According to the "quick facts" page [1] "CherryPy powered web
applications are in fact stand-alone Python applications embedding
their own multi-threaded web server", suggesting that if the hosting
environment is "limited to Apache" and if this can also be taken to
mean that the environment doesn't permit long-running server processes
apart from Apache, then CherryPy isn't likely to be suitable.

Karigell was also mentioned, but according to the documentation
("Working with Apache or Xitami" [2]) "Apache will be used as a proxy
between the client and the built-in server, so you have to configure
Apache so that it sends the requests to the built-in server", also
suggesting that in limited hosting environments Karigell won't be
suitable either.

Spyce, on the other hand, seems to work with mod_python, although I
agree with Andrew Clover that the inquirer probably knows what they
want to do using a "traditional" Web application programming style and
doesn't need a framework which decides lots of things on their behalf.
Moreover, I'd imagine that not all restrictive hosting environments
make mod_python available to their clients.

My meagre contribution to the genre is WebStack [3] which does run in
the most plain of hosting environments (CGI) as well as others. Really
intended for the writing of frameworks, the programming style might
suit someone who wants to have control over the most elementary
aspects of Web programming. As Andrew said, there are plenty of



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