file handling in a server (.py) file using xmlrpc

uwb uwb at
Fri Jul 8 20:18:10 CEST 2005

Jeremy Jones wrote:

> uwb wrote:
>>I've got a call to glob in a .py file sitting in an apache cgi-bin
>>directory which refuses to work while the exact same code works from a
>>python console session.
>>I'm guessing that in order to read or write files from any sort of a
>>script file sitting in the cgi-bin directory on a server, something has to
>>be set
>>to allow such activity.  I'd appreciate it if anybody with as clue as to
>>what that was could tell me about it.
> So, what do you mean "refuses to work"?  Is the cgi script not executing
> at all?  Spitting out an error?  If so, what error?  (And is it an error
> to the browser calling the cgi script, or in your apache logs?)
> Jeremy Jones

The script executes, no error messages, but the glob call turns up nothing
while the identical call running from a console does in fact turn up files
names as expected.

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