Thoughts on Guido's ITC audio interview

Stephen Toledo-Brown Stephen_Toledo_Brown at
Tue Jul 12 17:23:33 CEST 2005

Tony Meyer wrote:

>>Everyone complaining about Eclipse in this thread needs to go 
>>try 3.1. The interface is much much much more responsive.
> The problem with Eclipse, IMO, is Java.  I've tried 3.1 on a WinXP machine
> and, like just about any Java program, it's incredibly slow and a real pain
> to use.  On a (similarly spec'd) Mac OS X Tiger machine, it runs nice and
> smoothly and is reasonably nice to use.  I'd happily recommend that Mac
> users try Eclipse, but never a Windows (Python) programmer.

I've not tried Mac, but under both Windows and Linux on x86, I find 
Eclipse (3.0) is slow with less than 1.25 GB of RAM, reasonably fast 
with 1.5GB or more. Processor speed and disk speed don't seem to be 
anywhere near as important.

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