Tkinter + Tcl help

Jeff Epler jepler at
Tue Jul 5 16:25:19 CEST 2005

I think you need to write'load', '...\\')

When you write"x y z")
it's like doing this at the wish/tclsh prompt:
    # {x y z}
Not like this:
    # x y z
Now, how useful it is to have a command called "x y z", I can't
guess... but tcl would let you do it.

I've also doubled the backslash in your library filename.  When using
windows-style paths in string literals, you must either double the
backslashes, or use r'' strings.  When you don't, it will often work,
but if the character after the un-doubled backslash is one with special
meaning (including the commonly-seen \r and \t, but also other letters)
then you'll get a pathname and an error that leave you scratching your

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