How to display Values of a file

Kakushi nospam at
Tue Jul 5 23:46:12 CEST 2005

Hi my name is Andrew beginning/intermediate Python User. I am using a 
win xp computer Python 2.4

I would like to write a python application that would allow me to view 
paths of all installed files and registry values associated with that 
file for example I enter the file C:\WINDOWS\iexplorer.exe and it gives 
me reg value 1, reg value 2, folder 1, folder 2.

This will eventually lead into running an application installer, for 
example C:\setup.exe and running through the processes of the install 
displaying a listing of all associated files with that install through 
my application

Is this something that is possible with Python if so what modules should 
I look into If so has anyone done anything similiar

if not I guess I will have to look into different ideas

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