Qiangning Hong hongqn at
Sun Jul 3 03:22:41 EDT 2005

I have read a lot of posts discussing python IDEs, but most of them
focus on the editor, GUI builder, project management, customizability,
etc....  Some talked about debugging capability, but only on an
available/unavailable level.

I use vim to edit my code, wxGlade to build the GUI or hand-code it,
and I still prefer that. So, until now, I haven't tried many IDEs.

However, while I use pdb or inserting "print" statement to debug my
apps, sometimes it is a pain.  I think I need a good GUI debugger to
help me.  The debugger should meet _most_ of the following

1. can debug wxPython applications (and other GUI lib).
2. an intuitive way to set/clear/enable/disable breakpoints.
3. can set conditional breakpoints (i.e. break when some condition satisfied).
4. variable watch list, namescope watching (local, global)
5. evaluate expression, change variable values, etc within debugging.
6. change the running routine, (i.e. go directly to a statement, skip
some statements, etc)
7. clever way to express objects, not just a string returned by repr()
8. perform profiling
9. a clear interface.
10. cross-platform.
11. free, or better, open source.

What debugger will you suggest?  
Or what more polish feature you want to see in an ideal python
debugger? -- hope this thread will help IDE developers to fill their
todo list with some shining ideas :)

Qiangning Hong
Get Firefox! <>

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