Python vs. Access VBA

William Lodge blodge at
Sat Jul 16 05:19:54 CEST 2005

I'm at a loss on how to compare Python vs. Access VBA for a database
project. I'm estimating 20 tables and several forms and reports. Some of the
tables could grow to many thousands of rows w/i a year or so. The app would
be resident on my client as no network connectivity is needed b/c I'll be
the only user. I'd probably use Access tables for now and plan on scaling up
to Oracle later if necessary (which it probably won't be).

If the project is successful, it may be adopted in the division. There is no
time limit but this is being done on my own time, and my guestimate for a
practical limit would be 3-4 months. I'm not a developer but have done
programming in the academic world as part of MSIS degree. I also want the
app to have a GUI. 

I'm currently reviewing Wingware's Python product. Will review Komodo next.
It doesn't appear that the Wingware product has a GUI builder, but Komodo's
Pro version does (although more costly). Anybody have any recommendations in
this regard? Any thoughts as to whether implementing in Python would be any
harder or easier to do than in Access?

Finally, does anybody know of any Web sites having examples of database apps
in Python?

Thanks for your help. Bill
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