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Robert Kern rkern at
Sun Jul 31 09:49:44 CEST 2005

Paddy wrote:
> Sometimes when reading c.l.p.  I mentally stand off from what I have
> been reading and get an odd feeling that 'WE ARE BEING TESTED'. That
> someone else is purposefully posting a near repetitive post, or obvious
> flame bait etc - not for the usual reasons, but to track the dynamics
> af the replies. Rather like dropping a stone in the river and watching
> pythonistas return c.l.p. to its normal, helpful, and polite norm.
> Fascinating.
> I only hope that if thats the case, then they should post their
> findings here.

My experience with USENET suggests that there is always a steady stream 
of newbies, trolls, and otherwise clueless people. In the absence of 
real evidence (like traceable headers), I don't think there's a reason 
to suspect that there's someone performing psychological experiments on 
the denizens of

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