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On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 03:36:58 -0400, Chinook < at> wrote:
> Here is something I copied from somewhere (someone else might know the 
> source):
> Summary of Naming Conventions
> Hope it does not come out too jumbled,

It did, but it seemed so useful that I repost it with minor changes and
proper formatting:

Summary of Naming Conventions
Type                         Convention                               Example
function                     action_with_underscores                 find_all
variable                     noun_with_underscores                 curr_index
constant                     NOUN_ALL_CAPS                  ALLOWED_RNA_PAIRS
class                        MixedCaseNoun                        RnaSequence
public property              MixedCaseNoun                           IsPaired
private property             _noun_with_leading_underscore        _is_updated
public method                mixedCaseExceptFirstWordVerb     stripDegenerate
private method               _verb_with_leading_underscore   _check_if_paired
really private data          __two_leading_underscores __delegator_object_ref
parameters matching property SameAsProperty     __init__(data, Alphabet=None)
factory function             MixedCase                            InverseDict
module                       lowercase_with_underscores             unit_test

Note that calling 'IsPaired' and '_is_updated' a noun is clearly wrong.
There are probably other problems with it, too.


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