Opinions on KYLIX 3 (Delphi 4 Linux)

Peter Maas peter at somewhere.com
Mon Jul 25 16:56:54 CEST 2005

Jeff Epler schrieb:
> I honestly don't know why anyone would spend money for a development
> environment, no matter how fancy.  I don't know why anyone would develop
> software in a language that doesn't have at least one open
> implementation.

FreePascal is OSS. I recently developed a mixed Delphi/FreePascal
application. FreePascal doesn't have a GUI Builder like Delphi but
is very complete and mature.

> It's a great way to get screwed when Borland goes under or decides
> they only want to sell a new, incompatible product.  What do you do with
> your existing product when that happens? Re-train on a new platform,
 > and re-write from scratch?

Port it to FreePascal :)

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