Better console for Windows?

Dave Benjamin ramen at
Sat Jul 2 02:34:43 CEST 2005

Brett Hoerner wrote:
> Is there a different shell I can use (other than to run Python
> in, where I can full-screen the window (if I pleased), etc?  As it is,
> things that would run far off the right have to be word wrapped after
> very few characters.

I have a pretty exotic setup but I like it a lot. I use Konsole with 
Cygwin and the KDE release for Cygwin (that's the only part of KDE that 
I use). I love Konsole's tabbed virtual terminals. You can also get 
tabbed virtual terminals with mrxvt, which isn't quite so heavyweight, 
but Konsole is the most user-friendly terminal I've ever used.

And on top of that, I run emacs, pull up a shell with M-x shell, and 
then I can run any program I want, including Python and Jython, and 
freely cut and paste between the command line and my editor window.

As far as the beeps go, I go for any "silent bell" option I can find, 
and pick the "No sounds" theme in the "Sounds and Audio Devices" control 


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