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Thu Jul 7 15:50:19 CEST 2005

On 07.07.2005, at 15:43, harold fellermann wrote:

> On 07.07.2005, at 15:25, Giles Brown wrote:
>> Nah.  You're missing my point.  I only want the command window not to
>> be closed if there is an *exception*.  Picky I know, but there you go.
> well, then register raw_input as exit function:
>>>> import atexit
>>>> atexit.register(raw_input)
> works fine in my terminal. should do in your framework also.

sorry, I did not think. if you want to wait for input _only_ if
an exception occured, your exit function needs to check for the

 >>> import atexit
 >>> def wait_on_exc() :
...     import sys
...     if sys.exc_type :
...         raw_input()
 >>> atexit.register(wait_on_exc)

this should do the job, now.

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