Splitting on a word

qwweeeit at yahoo.it qwweeeit at yahoo.it
Thu Jul 14 18:53:36 CEST 2005

Hi Bernhard,
firstly you must excuse my English ("angry" is a little ...strong, but
my vocabulary is limited). I hope that the experts keep on helping us
Also if I am a newbie (in Python), I disagree with you: my solution
(with the help of Joe) answers to the problem of splitting a string
using a delimiter of more than one character (sometimes a word as
delimiter, but it is not required).
The code I supplied can be misleading because is centered in web
parsing, but my request is more general (Next time I will only make the
question without examples!)
If I were a professional programmer I could agree with you and the
"Batteries included" concept and all the other considerations
("off-the-shelf solutions" and ...not reinventing the wheel).
Also the terrific example you supply in order to caution me not to
follow dully (found in the dictionary) the "simple & short" concept,
doesn't apply to me (too complicated!).
I am so far from a real programmer that when an error occurs, I use
try/except (if they solve the problem) without caring of the sources of
the mistake, ...EAFP!).
So I don't care too much of possible future mistakes (also if the code
takes into account capital letters).
For the specific case I mentioned, actually if the closing tag ">" is
missing perhaps I obtain wrong results... I will worry when necessary
(also if the Murphy law...).

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