Considering moving from Delphi to Python [Some questions]

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Mon Jul 4 21:18:54 CEST 2005

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> We program in Delphi in our shop and are generally very happy with it.
> We are now looking at cross-platform options especially for middle
> tier and web server.
> I have been doing a lot of reading and testing of Python, I am falling
> in love with the language :-)

If you have not, Google 'Python Delphi'.  The second entry is Python (2.1+) 
for Delphi (6).

For what it is worth, the fifth is a Wiki entry :
"Python was the oracular serpent of Delphi. It was the offspring of Gaia 
and the mud that was left over after the flood of Deucalion"

Terry J. Reedy

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