Wheel-reinvention with Python

phil hunt zen19725 at zen.co.uk
Sun Jul 31 11:14:52 CEST 2005

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 02:23:39 -0700, Robert Kern <rkern at ucsd.edu> wrote:
>phil hunt wrote:
>> OK, hows this for an idea:
>> 1. create a new API, loosely based on the Tkinter API, but more 
>> Pythonic
>> 2. implement Tk using this API (probably won't be difficult because 
>> we can use Tkinter as a base)
>> 3. Implement bindings to Gtk and Qt/KDE using this API.
>Like PyGUI, more or less?

Not really, PyGUI attempts to be a thing in itself; what I had in 
mind was more of a slight reworking of Tkinter to make it more 
Pythonic (and at the same time give it better documentation which 
odesn't depend on refering to the Tcl/Tk documentation).

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