The state of OO wrappers on top of wxPython (was Re: Wheel-reinvention with Python)

Ed Leafe ed at
Sat Jul 30 20:04:14 CEST 2005

On Saturday 30 July 2005 13:41, Peter Hansen wrote:

> The last time I checked (as I recall), at least Wax and possibly Dabo
> both either lagged well behind recent wxPython developments of provide
> relatively limited support, leaving out a sizable and (to me) important
> number of features from what they wrapped.
> Is this a remotely accurate and current picture of things?  Or is it
> more fair to say that by adopting Dabo (or Wax?) one really loses
> nothing in terms of flexibility, and gains only improved write- and
> readability?

 I can't speak for Wax, but you don't lose anything from wxPython when you 
work with Dabo. At the very least, if there is something that wxPython has 
added that has not been integrated into Dabo yet, you can still code in 
native wxPython. I've taken that approach in my current work on the Visual 
Designer: some of the things that I needed to do couldn't be done in Dabo. 
But in the spirit of 'eating your own dogfood', I then go back into the UI 
framework code and add those things, so that the Designer is ultimately 100% 
Dabo code.

 There are also several classes in wxPython that Dabo has not wrapped, 
primarily the lower-level drawing classes and some of the newer graphics 
classes, mainly because they weren't needed for a database application 
framework. However, if there's a need, we'll be glad to add it.  

-- Ed Leafe

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