keylogger in Python

Michael Hoffman at mh391.invalid
Sun Jul 31 17:27:01 CEST 2005

François Pinard wrote:

> Surely on Linux, logging keys under X-Windows or under virtual terminals
> are quite different matters.  Let me share a related experience for
> virtual terminals.  I once had to rush the port on Linux a few QNX
> applications, written in C, which were using the QNX term library
> for input and display.  In console mode, the QNX keyboard is richer
> than the Linux one.  As users wanted to retain the _exact_ keyboard
> functionality, I saw no choice but reading raw scan codes on the Linux
> side.  So, I wrote a term library emulator as a thin C layer, which was
> itself using a Python module (Python was to be transparently embedded by
> the emulated library) for doing the bulk of keyboard processing.

You think this is a suitable beginner project?

And for that matter, it doesn't sound like you were doing keylogging, as 
it is usually understood to mean globally logging keypresses, no matter 
the application being presented to the user.
Michael Hoffman

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